DMW Announces Overseas Employment Certificate Now FREE

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has recently made an important announcement that is set to benefit many overseas workers. The announcement made on Tuesday let it be known that the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), in all its forms, will now be issued free of charge for rehires.

The new policy will be effective starting from July 29, 2023. According to a post on the DMW’s official Facebook page, there will be no requirement for an Official Receipt for the said certificate.

overseas employment certificate oec is free

What is the Overseas Employment Certificate?

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is a document that serves as proof of employment for overseas Filipino workers. It is issued by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) office (formerly known as Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)) to ensure the protection and welfare of OFWs.

It also acts as an exit clearance for OFWs, allowing them to leave the country legally with proper documentation. The OEC also serves as an exemption for OFWs from paying the airport terminal fee and travel tax.

The purpose of OEC is to monitor the number of Filipino workers leaving the country and to ensure that they are properly documented and protected.

Memorandum 110 and OEC Change

The DMW released Memorandum 110, dated July 25, 2023, which details the new policy. This new policy of free issuance of OEC to rehires is in line with Department Circular 02. As per the circular, the OEC has been renamed to the OFW Pass and the fees for its issuance have been removed.

OFW Pass and New Mobile App

In addition to the policy changes, the DMW has also been conducting pilot test runs for the new OFW Pass and their new mobile application. The DMW has clarified on Facebook that although the new mobile app can be downloaded, it is currently not fully operational.

The app is still undergoing a series of changes and improvements to ensure its functionality and user-friendliness.

The OFW Pass is intended to be a digital platform for OFWs to conveniently access their information and transaction records.

International Pilot Test Run

The DMW is not only conducting pilot test runs in the Philippines, but it has also expanded its testing to other countries.

These include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Taiwan, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

This international testing strategy shows the DMW’s commitment to ensuring the app’s functionality and usability across various markets.

How to Contact DMW

The DMW has put out a request for patience from those who wish to participate in the pilot test run. Given the high volume of users accessing the digital platforms, occasional delays in server response time may be encountered. However, the department is actively encouraging OFWs to provide their feedback and suggestions during this phase.

Feedback can be sent to the DMW through various channels including email at, the agency’s Facebook page, FB Messenger at, WhatsApp, Viber, call, or SMS at +63 908-326-8344, +63 927-147-8186, or +63 920-517-1059.

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