Certified List of OFW Voters (CLOV) in Bahrain

Attention Filipinos in Bahrain! If you have registered to vote in the Philippine elections, you can confirm your eligibility by checking the Certified List of Overseas Voters (CLOV) issued by the Philippine Foreign Mission in Bahrain.

The Philippine Embassy in Bahrain updates the list of Filipino voters in the country, which can be accessed through their website or by contacting the embassy. Check out the files linked below to find your name and exercise your right to vote.

During the last OAV in Bahrain, the Philippine Embassy made the Certified List of Overseas Voters (CLOV) for the 2022 National Elections available for viewing at their premises located beside the main entrance.

The public could also access the list online through the embassy’s website. The CLOV was in a searchable PDF file format, allowing overseas voters to look up their names using a PDF file viewer or their web browsers.

This made it easier for Filipinos in Bahrain to confirm their eligibility to vote in the national elections and exercise their right to vote.

List of Registered Overseas Filipino Voters in Bahrain

If you’re a Filipino residing in Bahrain and want to check if you’re eligible to vote in the upcoming elections, you can easily do so by visiting the Philippine embassy’s website or calling their office. The embassy has made the list of registered voters in Manama available online, which can be accessed through this LINK.

The list is arranged alphabetically for faster checking, and COMELEC officials can add notes and information as needed.

  • To quickly find your name, use the CTRL + F shortcut and enter your last name in the search box.
  • Double-check that your name is spelled correctly and that there are no extra spaces or characters in the field. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact the Philippine embassy.

Overseas Voting Process as Shared by PH Embassy in Bahrain

Step 1: Go to the specified location (Tent 1) for name confirmation. Embassy staff will tell you your voting precinct and waiting number.

Last Names: AALA to LA TORRE, SBEI 1 (Located at Sentro Rizal, Ground Level) Last Names: LACAP to ZURETA, SBEI 2 (Located in Conference Room, 1st Level)

Step 2: If the voting areas are empty, the Embassy staff will direct you to your designated precinct. If all seats in the precinct are taken, you will be guided to the waiting areas (Tents 1 and 2).

Step 3: Once you arrive at your precinct, speak to an SBEI member. Show them your ID and the waiting number you received. You’ll be asked to sign the Overseas Voter List with Voting Records. You will then receive your official ballot inside a privacy folder, signed by the Chairperson of the SBEI.

Step 4: Place your phone and other gadgets in the deposit box at the SBEI table. Take your seat and fill out your ballot. Be sure to follow the shading instructions and the number of candidates to select for each position you are voting for.

Step 5: After filling out your ballot, go to the Vote Counting Machine (VCM) to cast your vote. A SBEI member will help you.

Step 6: Wait for the machine to print the Voter-verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). This will display the names of the candidates you chose. Fold this paper and place it in the VVPAT container.

Step 7: Well done! You’ve successfully cast your vote. You’re free to exit the voting area.

Note: Hanging around the Embassy property after voting is strictly not allowed.

How to Vote in Philippine Elections at the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain

Step 1: Confirm Voting Eligibility

First, verify that your name appears on Bahrain’s Certified List of Overseas Voters. This assures that you are qualified to vote.

Step 2: Present Identification

Proceed to the Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEI) and show an authorized ID, such as your passport. This will establish your identity.

Step 3: Obtain Your Ballot

Once your identity is confirmed, sign the voter registry and collect your ballot. Make sure it is free of any marks, tears, or blemishes.

Step 4: Proceed to Voting Area

Go to the designated voting spot. The SBEI will provide you with a privacy folder and a pen to mark your ballot discreetly.

Step 5: Accurately Fill Out the Ballot

Take your time to complete the ballot following the given guidelines. Be cautious not to make any extra marks or mistakes.

Step 6: Make Thoughtful Selections

You can choose one President, one Vice President, up to twelve Senators, and one Party List. Overvoting is invalid, so choose carefully.

Step 7: Deposit Your Ballot

Return to the SBEI and insert your completed ballot into the Vote Counting Machine (VCM).

Step 8: Await Verification

Wait for your voter’s receipt to be printed. Do not remove it yourself; it acts as proof of your voting.

Step 9: Review Your Selections

Inspect your voter’s receipt closely to ensure all your selections are accurately recorded.

Step 10: Secure the Receipt

If all is in order, place the receipt in the designated box for Voter’s Receipts. Note that taking pictures or making copies is prohibited.

Step 11: Address Any Concerns

Should you notice any errors, report them promptly to the SBEI. Exercise caution; false complaints are a violation of regulations.

Step 12: Exit the Voting Premises

Congratulations! You have successfully cast your vote at the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain. Thank you for your active role in this crucial democratic process.

Contact Information of the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain

Address: Villa No. 939, Road No. 3220, Block 332, Mahooz, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, P.O. Box 26681, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone number: (+973) 1772-1234 (4 lines)
Office Hours:
Website: https://www.manamape.dfa.gov.ph
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PHLinBahrain/

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